Team Captain Toolkit


The more you excite your co-workers and keep them engaged, the more likely you are to win. And, the more fun you will have! Did we mention all the bragging rights you have throughout the year?!  Here are some resources to help you!

Challenge Guidelines

Key Dates

Sample Weekly Email Blasts

Tips for Winning

How to Register and Log Your Trips – Step by Step Guide

List of Companies Participating

We’ve Got Your Back

Frequently Asked Questions

Regional Map for Carpooling/Biking Buddies


Workplace Posters

Poster #1

Week of April 1st

Download and print

Poster #2

Week of April 23rd

Download & Print

Poster #3

Download & Print

Poster #4

Download & Print

Weekly Email Cheerleading

Click here to download our weekly cheerleading guide complete with starter templates for eBlasts and posters for each phase of the event!

Want to maximize your team’s level of participation and engagement?  Consider these tips for winning!