Telework Information

Avoid traffic altogether by working from home. Teleworking or using an alternative work schedule give you a desirable and flexible option.

Thinking about teleworking?

Whether it’s called teleworking, telecommuting, or working from home or a remote office, it’s one of the most desirable commute options in the greater Seacoast and across the U.S.

Telework refers to work that is done from a location other than the usual place of business – for example, your home or a satellite office.

Teleworking can be part-time, full-time, just occasionally, or only during emergency conditions.

There are numerous benefits to teleworking:

Is teleworking right for you?

Successful teleworking depends on your personal work-style and type of job. Honestly consider the following to see if it would be a good fit for you.

Your work characteristics:

Your job:

Make the case to your manager

If you think teleworking is right for you, here are some tools to help you make your case: