Eligibility Guidelines

We’ve got you covered!

CommuteSMARTseacoast’s Emergency Ride Home is your safety net when an emergency arises during work. Registered commuters who use a carpool, vanpool, bus, train, bicycle, or walk to work are eligible. All you need to do is take a taxi or rental car and submit your receipt and reimbursement form.

Who can use ERH?

You are eligible if you:

  1. Work for an employer who is a member. Membership is free to any employer in Seacoast NH.  Click here to see if your employer is a member.  If not, contact your HR Manager or us!
  2. Commuted to work by carpool, vanpool, bus, train, bicycle, or walking on the day of the emergency.
  3. Enrolled in the commuteSMARTseacoast ridematching database.

Qualified emergencies:

Please note the following do not qualify as emergencies:

Allowable destinations:

How to get there:

ERH Trip Allowance

You may submit up to six (6) requests per 12 month period, no more than two (2) in any month, for a maximum reimbursement of $90 per occurrence.

Steps to follow

  1. Arrange for emergency transportation (taxi or rental car)
  2. Take the trip and pay
  3. Submit the paperwork (see below)

Reimbursement details:

Submit your request for reimbursement within 10 business days of the emergency to info@commuteSMARTseacoast.org, or fax to 743-5786. Receipt must be attached to the ERH reimbursement form signed by your employer. Upon receipt and verification, you will receive a check in 10 business days.