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Carpool Like a Pro

August 17 2017

     Carpool Like a Pro

Check out these five tips to help set you up for success and to create an enjoyable experience carpooling to work.

  1. Get the Timing Down

Let’s face it, life is unpredictable and things happen. Prepare yourself the night before to make sure you are ready to be picked up or drive.  If you meet at a park and ride or other location, decide how long you will wait before leaving without your carpool buddy.

  1. Who’s in the Driver’s Seat?

Decide who is driving, whether you’ll take turns weekly or monthly, or if one person will be the driver. If you’re the passenger, what payment will you make to the driver?

  1. How Will You Communicate?

Text, email, phone?  Good to sort that out beforehand.

  1. In Case of Emergency

Sometimes emergencies happen- a child is sick, a change in your work schedule or unexpected car problems – notify your carpool buddy as soon as possible.  If your employer is a member of CommuteSMART Seacoast, you are eligible for the Emergency Ride Home Program if something happens during work and one of you has to leave.

  1. Rules, Rules, Rules

Lastly and certainly not least, it’s critical to establish and agree upon the rules of the carpool,  such as taking personal phone calls, cologne and perfume, radio preferences, eating, smoking, etc.