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Share a ride, take the bus, telework, ride your bike or walk to work. You’ll be happier, healthier, and wealthier!

Gas and car maintenance is very expensive.  Getting stuck in traffic and driving in bad weather cause stress. And, sustainable commuting options shrink your carbon footprint for a cleaner, greener Seacoast.

Do your part by commuting smart! Even if it’s just one or two days a week.

CommuteSMARTseacoast, a TMA (Transportation Management Association), promotes smart commuting options such as carpooling, taking transit, bicycling, walking, and teleworking.

Any employer in the greater Seacoast region of New Hampshire is welcome to join as a partner.  Membership is FREE.  Promotional events and materials are available to members, as well as the Emergency Ride Home program (some restrictions apply).

Use our confidential online carpool matching service to find a neighbor who has a similar commute and wants to share the ride.

Our three commuter challenges offer a great way to have fun and earn prizes by commuting smart.

  • Commute Smart B2B Challenge,  May 1-31, provides a friendly competition between seacoast area employers and schools.
  • Dump the Pump,  June 1 – August 31, is open to anyone commuting sustainably to Seacoast NH.
  • Conquer the Cold,  Nov. 1 – Jan. 31,  invites anyone commuting by bike, bus, or on foot to a seacoast area business or school to embrace winter!

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Conquer the Cold

November 1st, 2018 – January 31st, 2019

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Meet Alex Nunn, Multi-modal Smart Commuter

November 15, 2018

“I’ve met some interesting and like-minded people riding the bus.”

Meet Sabine DeShazo, Smart Commuter

October 29, 2018

“Walking to work is a guaranteed 20 minutes to myself – a break from everything.”

Meet Carlos Martens, Bike Commuter

September 25, 2018

Carlos Martens talks about why he loves biking to work year-round!  He works as a bartender and free-lance journalist in Portsmouth.


Five Badass Bike Commuters

So who ARE these folks embracing wind, rain, snow, and freezing temperature to ride to work in the winter?!  Here are the stories of five bicyclists who enjoy their cold weather commutes. David Brown, 31, works as a test engineer at the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard and bikes year-round because the traffic at the shipyard can […]



Meet Sarah Greenan – Smart Commuter of the Month

    Home:  Portsmouth Occupation:  On the marketing team at Pax World, a sustainable investing firm Why do you commute smart? I really enjoy the 15 minute walk – rain, sun,or  snow.  It’s great exercise and “me” time to prepare for the day and decompress at the end.  I like making a small contribution to sustainable […]



Treading Lightly: Carpooling is good for you, and the planet

By Sarah Cushman Years ago, carpooling was far more commonplace than it is today, both in Maine and around the country. Until the 1950s, most American families owned just one car – or none at all. In Maine – the most rural state in the country, according the 2010 U.S. Census – it often took […]