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Meet Sarah Greenan – Smart Commuter of the Month

January 11 2018


Home:  Portsmouth

Occupation:  On the marketing team at Pax World, a sustainable investing firm

Why do you commute smart? I really enjoy the 15 minute walk – rain, sun,or  snow.  It’s great exercise and “me” time to prepare for the day and decompress at the end.  I like making a small contribution to sustainable living and improving the environment.

Did you have barriers to overcome? It was second nature because I used to walk to work when I lived in Boston.  When I moved to Portsmouth I wanted to continue that. Having the right gear makes all the difference – comfortable warm clothes, good boots, and those spiky things when it’s icy.

Why do you participate in the Commuter Challenges? It’s fun to compete and get prizes.  I like to connect with like minded commuters.

What advice would you give others?  Try it once a week or once a month.  You might be surprised how much you enjoy being outside.  It’s also a great time to listen to podcasts or call friends.  It’s time you’re able to give back to yourself.

Any last words?  Being part of CommuteSMART is really fun!  I love not having to use my car.