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Pease B2B Commuter Challenge – Oct. 6-17th!

September 25 2014

With over 7,000 people driving alone in their vehicles to Pease, traffic can get seriously jammed, particularly on the Spaulding Turnpike.

We are inviting all businesses at Pease to compete for the honor of having the smartest and greenest commuting workforce. The first annual Pease B2B Commuter Challenge will be held October 6-17th. The competition is about getting more people logging more miles using smarter and more sustainable transportation options such as carpooling, taking the bus, bicycling, or telecommuting.

There will be prizes in three categories: “Most Per Capita Sustainable Trips Logged”; “Most Social Buzz”; and “Most Team Spirit”. The winning employers will receive a trophy and Applecrest Farm’s irresistible cider donuts and hand-pressed cider for a unique morning break. All participating commuters will receive gifts from local businesses and are invited to the awards celebration at Redhook, Oct. 17th 5-7pm.

The Pease B2B Challenge is the perfect time for workers to explore commuting options that will save them money and reduce the stress of driving alone. Pease employers benefit from increased commuter accessibility, recruitment potential, and employee productivity and morale.

Tradeport employers who have already signed up for the Commuter Challenge include Great Bay Community College, LTC Partners, Loftware Inc, Lonza Biologics, Pease Development Authority, John Hancock, National Visa Center, and National Passport Center.

Let the games begin!!