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Pease Commuters Save Money and Have Fun Commuting Smart

November 18 2014

loftware carpoolNow that the dust has settled on the first annual Pease B2B Commuter Challenge, the big question is, “Did it work?”.  The answer is a resounding, “Yes!”  Nine companies participated with 160 employees carpooling, bicycling, telecommuting or taking the bus.

A post Challenge online survey (29% response rate) offers some encouraging information about transportation behavior change:

  • Carpooling – Before the Challenge, 29% participants reported carpooling.  After the Challenge, 58% reported they intend to carpool — a 100% increase.
  • Telecommuting –  Before the Challenge, 23% participants reported telecommuting.  After the Challenge, 30% reported they intend to telecommute – a 30% increase.
  • Before the Challenge, 24% reported they never used sustainable transportation.  After the Challenge, only 2% said they would not commute sustainably.
  • The reasons cited for participating in the Challenge:
    • 71%  Good for environment
    • 62% Save money on gas and tolls
    • 62% reduce war and tear on vehicle
    • 48% Enjoy competition
    • 36% Encouraged by team captain and/or co-workers
    • 33% Improve their health and fitness
    • 26% Have companionship during commute
    • 21% Use commuting time more productively (e.g. email, work, snooze)
    • 17% Reduce the stress of driving alone