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Rethinking your commute in winter

February 6 2015

201102-snowy-roadIf there’s ever a good time to reconsider driving alone to work, it’s this winter.  It seems that every day there’s a newspaper story of a winter weather related car accident. As I write this, there’s even more snow on the way.  Yikes!

For safety’s sake, wouldn’t it make good sense to rethink how we get to work in the winter? Let’s use simple math – the fewer vehicles on the road, the less likelihood of accidents. And if you do get into trouble on the commute, your carpool buddy is another set of arms to dig you out of a snowbank! Maybe he or she has a safer winter vehicle than you. It’s more reassuring to have another person in the car, just in case…

If you don’t know anyone at work who lives near you, the New Hampshire Dept. of Transportation has a secure, confidential, no-cost database of people who are looking for a carpool match. Who knows, maybe there’s someone down the hall or down the road who’s looking to carpool. You can go to the statewide ride matching database thru the commuteSMARTseacoast website. Why not give it a try?

If carpooling doesn’t work for you, how about taking the bus? Or working from home on snowy days?

Safety first…the snow’s not over!