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Six Reasons to Start a Carpool This Winter

January 29 2016

Let’s face it; living in northern New England is not without its driving challenges…snow, black ice, wind, and bitter cold. I will not tempt the snow gods by comparing this winter to last. Oh no. But do consider these six reasons why it makes sense to start a carpool now.

1. Enjosnow-roady the comfort of getting into a vehicle that’s already warmed up and shoveled off. (That is of course, when it’s not your turn to drive!)
2. Rest your mind in that warm feeling of security of having another pair of hands to shovel, push, or solve a weather related problem.
3. Snap out of winter doldrums ….shake it up your new carpool buddy’s music, conversation, or unique driving style.
4. Go skiing, buy a fat bike, or take a vacation someplace warm with all the money you’ll save by sharing the ride! Click here to see how much money it actually costs to drive alone.
5. Feel safer if your carpool buddy has a four-wheel drive car or good snow tires and you don’t.
6. Save even more money with fewer car washes to get that salt off your vehicle.
Bottom line: it’s warmer, safer, more fun and economical to share the ride with a friend!
For help finding a carpool buddy, click here to go to our free, confidential, and no obligation ride matching database.