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The Games have Begun – Pease B2B Commuter Challenge Underway

October 8 2014

PeaseChallengeIt’s one thing to say you support sustainable commuting, but it’s another to actually leave your car at home and try it.

Employees from nine Pease employers are walking the walk, quite literally – and the competition is fierce!

From October 6 through October 17, participants in commuteSMARTseacoast’s first annual B2B Commuter Challenge are logging the miles they walk, bike, or take the bus to work in the hope of winning bragging rights for the rest of the year. They can even count the miles they’re not driving to work because they’re working from home!

Prizes will be awarded in three categories: most sustainable trips logged, most social media buzz, and most team spirit.

So far, the contest has over 175 participants from Great Bay Community College, John Hancock, LTC Partners, Loftware Inc., Lonza Biologics, National Passport Center, National Visa Center, Newmarket International, and the Pease Development Authority.

Don’t see your company on this list? The contest will only get bigger and better, so make sure you’re signed up for next year!

As of the Day Two of the Challenge, competitors have logged 189 sustainable trips totaling 3,045 miles — so exciting!!