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Wish you were at home? How snow storms, common colds, and personal appointments are still productive

March 2 2016

Wait a second! Do you wish you were at home right now? I am.  If you’d like to be somewhere other than your office right now, take a second to just skim this short email. I’m writing it from my home office, looking at the sun rising over my front lawn while my cat sits on the desk.

Next week is National Telework Week. “So what?” you ask. Your company may already have a telework program, or maybe administrators have declared there will never be a telework program. Are there rumors that working from outside of the office is being considered? Was it allowed only during the recent snow storms?

Just like Miracle Whip or orange-flavored toothpaste, teleworking isn’t for everyone. And more times than not, it is going to look different for every organization based on their company culture and employees’ jobs and even work habits. Ok – I’ve got to get ready for a doctor’s appointment. It’s just 2 miles from my house, but 16 miles from my regular office. That’s about 24 minutes of sick time I won’t take today since I was able to schedule it when I was already going to be on this side of town. Just something for you to consider… and help me prove my point.

Have a great day,

Shelly Parker
Sustainable Travel Services Manager
Triangle Transit