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And the winning teams are….!

October 9 2015


Happy faces and awards for commuting smart!

Back row left to right: Buster Miller, Lonza; Lars Anderson, Loftware; Julie Mortlock, LTC Partners; Bruce Anderson, Newmarket an Amadeus Company. Front row left to right: Kirsten Howard, NHDES; Patti Boumil, IPSUMM.

Most Sustainable Trips Award (by company size): Tie between IMPSUMM and Loftware (small); Newmarket (medium); LTC Partners (large)

Most Social Media Buzz: Loftware

Most Team Spirit: Loftware

Most Improved Team: Newmarket an Amadeus Company

Most New Smart Commuters: IPSUMM (1st place); Lonza (2nd place); NH Dept. Environmental Services (3rd place)

Great job to all commuters who chose to carpool, bike, take the bus, or telework during the Challenge instead of driving alone!!