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Winners in the 2017 Commute Smart B2B Challenge!

June 12 2017

Pictured above: Ned Savoie and Jeff Whiteman (Harbour Light), Eric Eby (Portsmouth DPW), Lars Anderson (Loftware), Amy Broman and Cora Paradiso (HubSpot), Chuck McMahon (Vital), Sean Daigneault (Weather Analytics)

Most Sustainable Trips

Harbour Light Strategic Marketing (small sized company)

Weather Analytics (medium)

Loftware (large)

Portsmouth Naval Shipyard (major)

Most Social Media Buzz – Vital

Most Improved Team – HubSpot

Most Team Spirit – HubSpot

Bike Only Challenge Winners

Harbour Lights Strategic Marketing – small

Oak Point Associates – medium

Portsmouth Dept. of Public Works – large

Portsmouth Naval Shipyard – major