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2015 Pease B2B Commuter Challenge a Great Success

September 29 2015


Team Captains pictured left to right, back row: Buster Miller, Lonza; Lars Anderson, Loftware; Julie Mortlock, LTC Partners, Bruce Alexander, Newmarket International. Front row: Kirsten Howard, NH DES; Patti Boumil, IPSUMM.

During the recent Pease B2B Commuter Challenge, 228 Pease Tradeport employees carpooled, bicycled, took the bus, or teleworked.  Much thanks to the team captains and all smart commuters who made this the best year ever (a whopping 42% increase in participants from last year)!!


  1. Most Team Spirit – Loftware
  2. Most Social Media Buzz – Loftware
  3. Most Improved Team – Newmarket International
  4. Most New Smart Commuters:
    1. First Place – IPSUMM
    2. Second Place – Lonza
    3. Third Place – NH Dept. of Environmental Services
  5. Most Trips
    1. Small Company – IPSUMM and Loftware tied!
    2. Medium Company – Newmarket International
    3. Large Company – LTC Partners

Much thanks and congratulations to all!