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COAST Launches “We’re on the Route” Campaign

January 29 2016

This week COAST launched a free, joint marketing program to highlight the convenience of using transit to shop, eat out, or use the services of businesses located along its bus routes.

The campaign lets COAST riders know about easily reached businesses.  It also informs the business’s customers about using transit to get there.  Participating businesses will display a “We’re on the Route” decal in their window and both COAST and the business will create website links and exchange Facebook “likes”.  we;re on the route

Participating businesses to date include:

Dover: Asia, Baldface Books, Bagle Grounds, Children’s Museum, Dover Cyclery, Dover House of Pizza, Dover Housing Authority, Garrison Hill Florists, Janetos, Nicole’s Hallmark, Quick to Go, Terra Cotta Pasta

Newington: Me and Ollies

Portsmouth: Breadbox, Book and Bar, Ceres Bakery, Colonial Bicycles, Flatbread, Hong Kong Express, Me and Ollies, Papa Wheelies, and Port City Coffee

Somersworth: Buster’s Billiards, Digital Ink Printing, Forty-five Market Street Baker, Kelly’s Row, Las Palmas Mexican Grill, Leroy’s Styles, Now and Then, Poppy Seed Studio, Somersworth House of Pizza,  The Gathering Place, Yangtze