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“Dump the Pump” Summer Campaign Great Success!

September 11 2018

The three-month “Dump the Pump” commuter challenge continues to grow in numbers!

We re-branded it this summer and included folks who weren’t attached to the May Challenge teams. A huge thank-you to all who participated!!

Congratulations to the  “super star” smart commuters!!

1st Place: Al Smith, 72 bus and bike trips toPB Property Management, Portsmouth

2nd Place: James Lapsley, 68 walking trips to Terra Cotta Pasta, Dover

3rd Place (tied) Chandrakala Annasamy, 67 bus trips to UNH
Ned Savoie, 67 bus trips to Harbour Light Strategic Marketing, Portsmouth

Honorable Mention: Wayne Merritt, 1392 bicycling miles to Pease Airport