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February’s Smart Commuter – Chuck McMahon

February 5 2018

Home: Portsmouth

Occupation:  Director of Communications at Vital, a digital marketing agency

Why do you walk to work?  It’s a healthy way — physically and mentally — to get to work.  It gives me down time to listen to music, a pod cast, or call my Mom!

Walking is like a giant breath of fresh air…you feel more energized in the beginning of day and more fulfilled at the end.  I like getting the chance to walk slowly and pay attention to what’s around me.  Life flies by fast in a car.  Walking and taking your time is a luxury most people don’t take advantage of these days.

Any obstacles you had to overcome?  It’s just time. It’s really simple if you make the time for it and plan accordingly.  I know I’ll l have to leave about half hour earlier and put my stuff in a backpack instead of just jumping into the car.  But there are huge benefits to do it.

Advice to people considering walking to work:  Rip the band aid and do it!  Just make the time to do it.

Final words: It’s like recycling.  You know you’re doing the right thing.