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Meet Adam Greenberg, Smart Commuter!

November 13 2017

Home: Portsmouth

Occupation: Nuclear Engineer at PNSY

Mode: Walking

Why do you commute smart? It’s so relaxing to walk to work.  I park in the municipal lot and walk from there to the shipyard.  A friend from childhood, who taught me to tie my shoes, advised me to do this.  Walking clears my head – I look forward to it.  Also it saves the wear and tear on my car from sitting in traffic.

Any obstacles to overcome? I had to find the right shoes and have settled on trail runners.

Advice to others?  It’s not as difficult as you may think.  Just try it and you’ll get hooked from the endorphins, the challenge, the self-sufficiency, and no traffic to worry about.  It’s enjoyable to beat the traffic on the bridge – you get a free pass to the front of the line!

You can walk to work all thru the winter (but not when it’s icy) by preparing for the weather.  When it’s snowing, I wear my winter boots; when raining, I use a big umbrella.

Why do you participate in the Commuter Challenges?  I like to challenge myself and see how I compare to others.  I like the prizes, too!

Last words:  It’s ironic when I get to the office, my colleagues are huddling around their space heaters and I’m so warm, I’m taking off layers.