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Latest Updates

Conquer the Cold Challenge to Launch Jan. 1!

December 14, 2020


The Conquer the Cold Challenge will launch on Jan. 1! Learn more at https://commutesmartseacoast.org/conquer. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for the latest updates!

Yeti Photo Scavenger Hunt

November 27, 2017

Part of the Conquer the Cold Commuter Challenge is a photo scavenger hunt to find Betti the Yeti.  She’s s been making the rounds in the Seacoast –hiding out in the Dover Library, One Washington Place mill, and Colonial Bicycle Company.  Those smart commuters who found her were rewarded with a fun yeti beanie!     



Winners in the 2017 Commute Smart B2B Challenge!

June 12, 2017

Pictured above: Ned Savoie and Jeff Whiteman (Harbour Light), Eric Eby (Portsmouth DPW), Lars Anderson (Loftware), Amy Broman and Cora Paradiso (HubSpot), Chuck McMahon (Vital), Sean Daigneault (Weather Analytics)

Most Sustainable Trips

Harbour Light Strategic Marketing (small sized company)

Weather Analytics (medium)

Loftware (large)

Portsmouth Naval Shipyard (major)

Most Social Media Buzz – Vital

Most Improved Team – HubSpot

Most Team Spirit – HubSpot

Bike Only Challenge Winners

Harbour Lights Strategic Marketing – small

Oak Point Associates – medium

Portsmouth Dept. of Public Works – large

Portsmouth Naval Shipyard – major





Fun on the last day of the May Commuter B2B Challenge

May 31, 2017


Highlights of Week Four!

May 30, 2017



Photo highlights from Week 3!

May 22, 2017



Photo highlights from Week 2

May 18, 2017

For more images, follow us on Facebook or Twitter or search #CommuteToWin!



Highlights from Week 1!

May 8, 2017


Team HubSpot transit rider.               Team Weather Analytics carpool!


Colleen and Tom Jarvela (Teams Lonza and IAPP) and others celebrate at the Challenge Kick off party at the Portsmouth Brewery.

Returning and new teams for 2017 Commuter B2B Challenge

March 31, 2017

Welcome back to the 24 returning teams from last year!!

  •   Amadeus
  •   Bowst
  •    Calypso Communications
  •    City of Portsmouth
  •    City of Rochester
  •    COAST
  •    Heinemann Publishing
  •    HubSpot
  •    IAPP (International Assoc. of Privacy Professionals)
  •    Loftware
  •    Lonza
  •    LTC Partners
  •    National Passport Center
  •    NH Dept. of Environmental Services
  •    Oak Point Associates
  •    Papa Wheelies
  •    PAX World Fund
  •    Pease Development Authority
  •    Rockingham Planning Commission
  •    Strafford Regional Planning Commission
  •    Sun Life Financial
  •    Timberland
  •    TMS Architects
  •    Vital Design

And a hearty welcome to the new teams!!

  •    Colonial Bicycle
  •    Eastern Mountain Sports
  •    Families First
  •    Greater Portsmouth Chamber of Commerce
  •    Gundalow Company
  •    Gus Bike Shop
  •    Harbour Light
  •    Highliner Foods
  •    Hilton Garden Inn
  •    Langdon Place
  •    Little Harbor School
  •    McLane Middleton
  •    Medtronic
  •    Northeast Credit Union
  •    Portsmouth High School
  •    Portsmouth Naval Shipyard
  •    Portsmouth Middle School
  •    Terracon Consultants
  •    UNH
  •    Weather Analytics



Congrats to Highest Level Smart Commuters!

January 13, 2017

yeti iconTwelve bikers, walkers or transit riders have logged over 46 trips to earn the Abominable Snowman level of smart commuting!  Looks like at least 10 more will achieve the same before the Conquer the Cold Challenge is over.  Great job folks!!  Thanks so much for participating!!

Update on Yeti Scavenger Hunt

November 29, 2016

Haven’t found Yeti yet?  Still lots of opportunities to take a selfie with our mascot and win a prize!

Dec.  7-9 –  Lobby of a downtown Portsmouth office building.  Hint: If you can see Gilley’s or RiverRun Bookstore, you’re very close.

Dec. 9 – 16th – Check out a Portsmouth bike shop with unique street sign including a bike wheel.

Dec. 17th – 23 – Yeti loves being in bike shops!  Now he’s in a N. Hampton shop that’s been around since 1971!

A gift card will be given for the best photo in each location!  Submit yours to info@commuteSMARTseacoast.org.


Yeti is Named!

November 25, 2016

Yeti is now “Scarf”!  This name received 76% of the votes in last week’s survey.  Well done Kim Lovering Willoughby from Heinemann Publishing who penned this name.

All bike, bus, walking trips now eligible

November 18, 2016

We’ve opened this challenge up to any bike, bus, or walking trip (e.g. errands, shopping, etc) not just your commute to work.  Feel free to go back and log trips from Nov. 1st.  Let’s celebrate moving our bodies in brisk weather instead of sitting in our cars!

Name the Yeti Contest

November 14, 2016

Yeti needs a name!!  If you’ve got one, please post to Facebook or Twitter using #NameYeti and #ConquerTheCold.  If you don’t have a Facebook or Twitter account, you can post to the CommuteSMART Facebook page.

The name with the most likes wins!!

Find the Yeti Scavenger Hunt

November 7, 2016

Can you find Yeti, the abominable snowman and mascot of Conquer the Cold Challenge?  The seven foot cardboard figure will be visiting various Portsmouth area businesses during November. Take a selfie with Yeti, post to #ConquerTheCold and #FindYeti on social media and forward a copy to info@commuteSMARTseacoast.  The best photo wins a  gift certificate!

Here’s Yeti’s November schedule and hints:

Nov. 9th -14th       Portsmouth’s oldest community bank

Nov. 15th – 19th     The only French pastry shop in Portsmouth

Nov. 23rd -26th    Newington store with quality outdoor clothing and equipment

Nov. 27th – Dec. 2  After visiting this Portsmouth bike shop, you could get a massage, send a package, or eat Mexican





Meet Yeti, our Mascot for the Conquer the Cold Challenge

October 28, 2016


Yeti is our fun, cute/scary mascot for the upcoming “Conquer the Cold” commuter challenge.  We will have a contest to #NameYeti, as well as #FindYeti as the seven foot cardboard Yeti visits Portsmouth businesses!  There will even be live Yeti appearances.  Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for the latest updates!

And the winners are….!

July 12, 2016


Team captains from Loftware, IAPP, Timberland, Heinemann Publishing, Hubspot, and Bowst show off their new trophies!

Here is the complete list of 2016 Challenge winners.  Congratulations on a great job done by all!!

Most Sustainable trips – by size

Bowst – small

Hubspot – medium

Loftware – large

LTC Partners – major

Most team Spirit – Hubspot

Most Social Media Buzz – Heinemann Publishing

Most Improved  Team –  Heinemann Publishing

Most New Smart Commuters: by size category

Strafford Regional Planning – small

IAPP – medium

Sun Life Financial – large

Timberland – major




Which is the best balloon photo?!!

June 22, 2016

Clbz268WQAA0LN0 ClaTKsxWQAA7H5y ClaFBWWUsAAz5iY cat balloons2 IMG_11232IMG_11222 ClaWr7GXEAAlbxg

Day 3 Challenge Photos

June 16, 2016

The fun continues as smart commuters throughout the Seacoast carpool, bike, telework, or ride the bus to work!

Carpooler Melissa Huebner from Team Newmarket won a gift certificate from Black Birch.  Yum.


Walking to work at Heinemann on a gorgeous morning!


Carpooling to Loftware is always fun!


Just in case anyone forgets, it’s COMMUTER CHALLENGE time at Bowst.


Day Two Commuter Challenge Photos

June 15, 2016

433 smart commuters have logged trip so far!! Yippee!

Here are some fun photos from yesterday.

Colin Lentz from Team Strafford Regional Planning Commission won the daily raffle – a table for 4 from Prescott Arts Festival!














Ck_kCMYXEAAnlkA dontletyourdreamsbedreams

Highlights from Day One of Commuter B2B Challenge

June 14, 2016

333 smart commuters registered!  Here are some photos from yesterday.

IMG_1104     Ck1RFfvWsAAhGOv2

  safe_image.php    FullSizeRender (11)

Winners of 2016 Bike/Walk to Work Week Corporate Challenge

May 23, 2016

banner3In a field of 12 participating companies, the winners of the most sustainable bike or walk trips to work are:

Team Portsmouth Naval Shipyard – major employer category

Lonza – large employer category

Vital Design – medium employer category

Papa Wheelies Bicycle Shop – small employer category

And the winning teams are….!

October 9, 2015


Happy faces and awards for commuting smart!

Back row left to right: Buster Miller, Lonza; Lars Anderson, Loftware; Julie Mortlock, LTC Partners; Bruce Anderson, Newmarket an Amadeus Company. Front row left to right: Kirsten Howard, NHDES; Patti Boumil, IPSUMM.

Most Sustainable Trips Award (by company size): Tie between IMPSUMM and Loftware (small); Newmarket (medium); LTC Partners (large)

Most Social Media Buzz: Loftware

Most Team Spirit: Loftware

Most Improved Team: Newmarket an Amadeus Company

Most New Smart Commuters: IPSUMM (1st place); Lonza (2nd place); NH Dept. Environmental Services (3rd place)

Great job to all commuters who chose to carpool, bike, take the bus, or telework during the Challenge instead of driving alone!!




Daily Prize Winner – Marty Kusmaul, IPSUMM

September 25, 2015


“This started as a team event and took off from there. Riding my bike in the morning has been fun, especially with the cooler weather.”

Marty Kusmaul, Operations Manager for IPSUMM, won the $20 gift card to Beach Pea Bakery.  Ymmmm…and he’s going to share the goodies with his teammates!

More posts as we move to the finish line!

September 25, 2015


Just some friendly greetings! May the best team win!


Keeping an eye on the leaderboard while waiting for my new iPhone. Go !

Daily Prize Winner – Wayne Merritt, Pease Development Authority

September 25, 2015

Wayne commuting to work  “Bicycling is a fabulously positive way to start and end my workday.  My ride in energizes me to do my job at the airport and makes me feel more productive and my ride home helps me unwind and decompress.”

Wayne Merritt from Pease Development Authority won a $25 gift certificate from Paddy’s!  As you can tell, Wayne likes to bike commute.

Recent posts by smart commuters!

September 25, 2015

Diamond Hll Rd in Lebanon/Berwick Maine. Heck of a commute home.


Yesterday All of decided to walk home for the . nothing to do with burnt popcorn/fire alarm


balloons all over the office!

Working the for thanks to one of my bffs who works at the mall

Daily Prize Winner – Kasi Hansen from Newmarket International

September 24, 2015

IMG_0409  “This Challenge showed me how easy carpooling can be.  I really admire people who do it everyday.”

Kasi Hansen from Newmarket International won a $20 gift card to Block Six donated by 3S Artspace.  She has been carpooling with several work colleagues who live near her and work in her section at Newmarket.  How easy is that?!

Recent Social Media Posts

September 23, 2015

balloons all over the office!


Finally my “Bridge Shot” on my normal commute home. Gotta put a layer on.


This bike is bringing business to downtown Portsmouth this morning.

Working the for thanks to one of my bffs who works at the mall

Balloons for smart commuters…everywhere!

September 23, 2015

balloons   ballons  anne

More Challenge posts!

September 23, 2015


Another production – CEO Chauffeur

12006359_904127053008440_8405465061112104961_n    11850447_904127049675107_2378551788043289758_o

Loftware employees are participating in the Commute Smart Challenge again!!! Check out the latest pictures from today’s carpools! ‪#‎PeaseChallenge‬ ‪#‎Loftware‬

Daily Prize Winner – Kevin Lucey, NH DES

September 23, 2015

FullSizeRender (7)  “I ride my bicycle to work to get exercise as part of the day.  Also less wear and tear on my car and gas usage.  Thanks to all the people who built the new Pease bike path…it changed my safe route from 18 to 6 miles!”

Kevin Lucey from NH Dept. of Environmental Services won the movie gift card donated by The Music Hall.

Daily Prize Winner – Kesav Reddy from Lonza

September 22, 2015

lonza    “I carpool to save money, commute with friends, its good for the environment….and I get a gift!”

Kesav Reddy carpools with colleagues from N. Andover to Lonza and intends to continue after the Challenge.  He won the $25 gift card donated by Redhook.

Daily Prize Winner – Rick Bodwell, Loftware

September 21, 2015

rick bodwell   “I bicycle to work because it’s nice to get some sun and good air.  And it helps with stress.”  Rick Bodwell

Team Loftware employee Rick Bodwell  enjoyed cycling from Dover to Pease every day during the first week of the Challenge.  He won a $25 gift card donated by Papa Wheelies.

Social media highlights from Friday, Sept. 17th

September 21, 2015

12002776_905691942851951_4471496078020804292_n      12001010_905692092851936_7430967943624758522_o

One of our employees, Marc, took some great pictures of the sunrise during his bike ride into work this morning! ‪#‎peasechallenge‬ ‪#‎Loftware‬

Daily Challenge Prize Winner – Jill Price, LTC Partners

September 18, 2015

LTC Paartners“We live in the same area, work in the same company, on a budget…WHY NOT carpool?”  Jill Price

Winner of a $20 gift card from Lil’s Cafe, Jill Price carpools with a colleague from LTC Partners.

Highlights of Thursday’s posts!

September 18, 2015

Picked up my veggie CSA in my snazzy bag on my bike commute home last night


One guy wouldn’t join . He CLAIMS there’s no one to carpool with. Yeah. Sure.


Daily Challenge Prize Winner – Catherine Allen from IAPP

September 17, 2015

FullSizeRender (5) “Why wouldn’t you carpool?!  Saves money, saves time, saves gas.” Catherine Allen

Catherine Allen with IAPP Team Captain Matt McNeil.

Catherine, who has been carpooling from South Berwick all week, was the winner of a $20 gift card to Street!

Highlights from Wednesday’s social media posts

September 17, 2015

Loftware ‏@LoftwareInc 19h19 hours ago

Keep your eyes on the road when carpooling #peasechallenge https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hEse8VrpJmk …



Christopher Wright added 3 new photos — with Jen Murphy. #Lonza

Another wheel this a.m. for the Pease Commuter Challenge. ‪#‎peasechallenge‬


Roland Carter Jr. ‏@rolandcarter 22h22 hours ago

Looking at all the #peasechallenge tweets. Don’t tell my boss at #ipsumm … I’m supposed to be working.

Akshay Phulgirkar ‏@phulgirkarAM Sep 16

I reached early at work ! Less traffic at Pease… Maybe everyone is doing the Pease challenge.. #PeaseChallenge #Lonza

Daily Prize Winner – Sharon Cronin, GBCC

September 16, 2015

GGCC  “I carpool or take the bus because it’s good for the environment. This Challenge is great…I always want to commute smart and this gives me the spark to actually do it!”

Sharon Cronin, Director of the Center for Academic Planning and Support for Great Bay Community College, won a $20 gift card from Me and Ollies.

Highlights from Tuesday

September 16, 2015

Ship in the harbor this morning (it was there yesterday, I didn’t stop)

Some walk, some bike, some run, & some ride for the , and some !


is currently on top of the … Do robots count as a carpool passenger?

7 New team registrants since this morning, and we’ve also taken the lead as of 2:45 pm for large employer!!!

Highlights from Monday’s posts

September 15, 2015

Kicking off the with a new video,


19 turkeys seen on bicycle ride to work!

CO3ViTaWIAAOnTt.jpg large

2015 Pease B2B Commuter Challenge off to a great start!

September 14, 2015

Ten companies and 213 commuters so far have signed up for the Pease B2B Commuter Challenge!  And what a perfect day for the bicycle commuters.

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