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Dressing For The Cold on Your Bike

November 24 2015

The key to cold weather riding is to dress in layers. Your winter cycling wardrobe should include: Shoe covers also known as booties. Shoe covers come in various weights/thickness and block the wind in cooler temps. In really cold weather you can add toe warmers attaching them to the top of your shoe inside the […]

Public Transit Myths Debunked

November 23 2015

There are many misconceptions about riding public transportation. But we’re here to set the record straight on some common myths about the public transit industry. Below are some popular myths: 1. People don’t use public transportation anymore. This is false, as national stats are actually on the rise. According to American Public Transportation Association (APTA), […]

Getting Unstuck on the Bridge

October 9 2015

For commuters who use the Little Bay Bridges, the daily drive is often frustrating, expensive, and unhealthy. And when there’s an accident, it’s infinitely worse. Unfortunately this problem won’t be solved until at least 2020, the projected completion date for the bridge construction project. Consider ten evils of traffic congestion: 1. Stress and frustration from […]

Tips and Tricks for Bicycling to Work

August 14 2015

Have you ever considered biking to work, but didn’t know where to start? Riding your bike to work is a great way to add some fresh air and exercise to your morning routine. It is a lot more fun than going to the gym, and can even help you save wear and tear on your […]

B2B Commuter Challenge Update

July 30 2015

During our recent B2B Commuter Challenge, 282 employees in twelve Seacoast companies changed the way they commute to work. Challenge participants competed for awards and the honor of having the smartest, greenest commuting workforce. The competition encouraged commuters to carpool, ride the bus, bicycle, walk, or telecommute instead of driving alone to work – a […]

Reduce the demand for downtown parking in Portsmouth

March 23 2015

One proven strategy that could help alleviate some of the pressure on Portsmouth’s existing parking resources is to manage the demand for parking. Carpooling, taking the bus, bicycling, walking, and teleworking are options that have been successfully used across the country to lessen the demand for parking. By using sustainable modes of transportation, commuters will […]

Rethinking your commute in winter

February 6 2015

If there’s ever a good time to reconsider driving alone to work, it’s this winter.  It seems that every day there’s a newspaper story of a winter weather related car accident. As I write this, there’s even more snow on the way.  Yikes! For safety’s sake, wouldn’t it make good sense to rethink how we […]

Seacoast Summit on Teleworking!

December 12 2014

Whether you call it “teleworking”,”telecommuting”, “working remotely”, or simply “working from home”, it’s all good.  Maybe not for everyone, and maybe not everyday, but it’s certainly an option to consider for a host of reasons. Research shows that telecommuting can lead to increased productivity, reduced turnover, fewer sick days, higher employee satisfaction, and significant overhead […]

Pease Commuters Save Money and Have Fun Commuting Smart

November 18 2014

Now that the dust has settled on the first annual Pease B2B Commuter Challenge, the big question is, “Did it work?”.  The answer is a resounding, “Yes!”  Nine companies participated with 160 employees carpooling, bicycling, telecommuting or taking the bus. A post Challenge online survey (29% response rate) offers some encouraging information about transportation behavior […]

Loftware Sweeps Pease B2B Commuter Challenge

October 28 2014

Team Loftware won in  all three categories – Most Sustainable Trips, Most Team Spirit, and Most Social Media Buzz – in the Pease B2B Commuter Challenge! LTC Partners came in second in the Most Sustainable Trips category. The first ever commuter challenge at Pease included 160 participants from nine companies.  They logged 1,148 sustainable trips […]