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Demand questions are the elephant in the room with autonomous vehicles

September 1 2017

  Say you live 1.3 miles from a subway station or a bus route that would offer you direct access to your job. Then picture an autonomous vehicle looping through your neighborhood every 20 minutes or so to take you and your neighbors straight to that access point. All of a sudden, you would be […]

Carpool Like a Pro

August 17 2017

     Carpool Like a Pro Check out these five tips to help set you up for success and to create an enjoyable experience carpooling to work. Get the Timing Down Let’s face it, life is unpredictable and things happen. Prepare yourself the night before to make sure you are ready to be picked up or […]

Bike Commuting for Non-Morning People

August 16 2017

Bike Commuting for Non-Morning People Though bike commuting requires some preparation, it’s a great way to fit in daily exercise and enjoy the beauty of the Seacoast.  It can also wake you up in the morning! Preparing to Bike Commute In order to have a streamlined commute in the morning, here are several things to […]

Telework Tips

August 10 2016

Congrats to the winning three companies – LTC Partners, IAPP, and Oak Point Associates – and their teleworking staff who logged their “trips” during last month’s Telework Mini-Challenge!! Here’s a blog I found with some great suggestions on how to succeed at working from home.  For additional information, check out the telework section of our […]

“Coffee Outside”: A new bikey thing in Portsmouth

July 18 2016

 ​Port City Coffee ​​Outside:  Wednesday July 20 at 8-9am on Four Tree Island What is camp coffee or #coffeeoutside about? Simply put, “coffee outside” is about a casual gathering to enjoy the morning over sips of coffee before the rest of the day’s pressures set in. Best enjoyed with friends old and new, it’s a great way to catch […]

Have you ever considered biking to work, but didn’t know where to start?

May 5 2016

Written by Jen Murphy, scientist at Lonza and enthusiast about everything bicycling! Riding your bike to work is a great way to add some fresh air and exercise to your morning routine.  It is a lot more fun than going to the gym, and can even help you save wear and tear on your vehicle.  […]

Wish you were at home? How snow storms, common colds, and personal appointments are still productive

March 2 2016

Wait a second! Do you wish you were at home right now? I am.  If you’d like to be somewhere other than your office right now, take a second to just skim this short email. I’m writing it from my home office, looking at the sun rising over my front lawn while my cat sits […]

Six Reasons to Start a Carpool This Winter

January 29 2016

Let’s face it; living in northern New England is not without its driving challenges…snow, black ice, wind, and bitter cold. I will not tempt the snow gods by comparing this winter to last. Oh no. But do consider these six reasons why it makes sense to start a carpool now. 1. Enjoy the comfort of […]

Dressing For The Cold on Your Bike

November 24 2015

The key to cold weather riding is to dress in layers. Your winter cycling wardrobe should include: Shoe covers also known as booties. Shoe covers come in various weights/thickness and block the wind in cooler temps. In really cold weather you can add toe warmers attaching them to the top of your shoe inside the […]

Public Transit Myths Debunked

November 23 2015

There are many misconceptions about riding public transportation. But we’re here to set the record straight on some common myths about the public transit industry. Below are some popular myths: 1. People don’t use public transportation anymore. This is false, as national stats are actually on the rise. According to American Public Transportation Association (APTA), […]